Secret City Head Race

  • Hosted By: Oak Ridge Rowing Association, Inc.
  • 2017 Registered Regatta

2017 Secret City Head Race
  hosted by Oak Ridge Rowing Association
697 Melton Lake Drive
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

office phone: 865-482-6538

Regatta Director:  Sarah McAuliffe - [email protected]

The Melton Lake Rowing Venue

Trailers enter the lot by the north entrance and will be directed to their designated parking spot by regatta staff.  The south entrance to the lot is closed to trailers.  Please see the venue site map below.

Launching and Landing Flow Patterns:

Rowing to the Start
Immediately after launching rowers will hold to the starboard side (coxswain’s right) of the embayment entrance and wait for clearance from the Marshall at the mouth of the embayment for clearance to cross to the opposite (eastern) side of the river. After crossing the river, the crew will proceed upstream staying at least 10 meters away from the bank as a precaution keeping the orange buoys on the port side (coxswain’s left). Crews will pass under the right arch of the railroad bridge. Traffic maps for both races will be set up at the Coaches and Coxswains Meeting and at the regatta site. When boats reach the starting line at Gibbs Ferry Park, they must check-in with the start Marshall.

Approximately 10 minutes before the scheduled start of their event, boats should proceed to the staging area just upstream of the starting chute on the park side of the river and line up in numerical sequence of boat numbers. USRowing officials will assist in the staging area. The start chute will consist of the shore on the starboard side and a row of buoys on the port side

The Start 
All boats must pass through the starting chute to begin the headrace. Events groups will be started at about 20 minute intervals. The spacing between each boat in an event will be about 15-20 seconds (or 3-4 boat lengths). The starting marshal will direct each boat to begin rowing in the chute. The start official may direct a crew to stop rowing in the chute if the spacing is too small. There is absolutely no passing in the chute.

The Race 
During the race, boats should keep the large inflatable buoys on their port side (coxswain’s left) at all times. The buoys must always be on the port side. Passing a buoy with the buoy on the starboard side will result in a 30 second time penalty for each violation. The only exception will be at the finish line, where double buoys mark the finish line gate. USRowing officials will be stationed along the course to monitor the position of crews on the course.

Passing and Being Passed 
Slower boats must give way to overtaking crews, allowing the overtaking crew the shortest course (yield to starboard). Failure to yield may result in a time penalty of 15 seconds or disqualification. Usually, the crew being overtaken should yield to the starboard.

The Finish 
The finish line is at the 1500m line of the sprint course that is just uptream from the embayment entrance. Two large orange buoys will mark the finish line. All boats must cross the finish line between the buoys for your time to be recorded. Keep rowing after you cross the finish line. Do not stop on or near the finish line! A 500-meter section of water will be available for cool down and turning the boat for return to the embayment. Boats should turn toward the Oak Ridge bank and proceed back to the embayment entering on the strarboard side of the mouth of the embayment.

Boats should not go past the turn in the river. Doing so will be at the risk of the crew involved. This area will be open to other traffic and not controlled by the LOC. 


The Course

The course is 5000 meters in length. The headrace will begin upstream from the Melton Hill Marina at the Anderson County Gibbs Ferry Park on the Clinch River. The headrace will end at the 1500M LINE just before the Melton Hill Marina (Figure 1).