The Amber Zapatka Memorial Regatta FKA Lowell Invite

  • Hosted By: Lowell Rowing Regatta Association
  • 2017 Registered Regatta




The address of the Bellegarde Boathouse is:  500 Pawtucket Boulevard Lowell, MA 01854

Trailer Routes: 

Easiest Route:

Navigate to Route 3 

  • If coming from 495, take the exit for Route 3 North

Once on Route 3, take Exit 32 (route 4/Drum Hill Road Chelmsford/Lowell). 

  • From 3 Northbound: Take the right at the first set of lights at the end of the offramp toward Drum Hill Road.
  • From 3 Southbound: At the end of the off ramp, go straight through the first set of lights. Take a left at the second set of lights. Stay to the right through the turn and go straight through the third set of lights toward Drum Hill Road.

Continue to follow the road. It will turn from Drum Hill Road into Westford Street. Stay to the left onto Wood Street when you come to the Lowell 5 Savings Bank intersection. Follow the road for half a mile and it will take you over the Rourke Bridge. You’ll see the boathouse on your right as you cross the bridge. Take a right onto Pawtucket Boulevard and follow it to the boathouse or continue down the road to the Beach/Bath House launch site located across from Heritage Farm Ice Cream. 

Alternate Route from 93: 

Take Exit 46 for Route 113/110. 

  • From 93 Northbound: Continue around the traffic circle. Take the third exit onto Lowell Street towards Dracut/Lowell.
  • From 93 Southbound: At the end of the off ramp, take the first exit onto Lowell Street towards Dracut/Lowell.

Continue straight on the main road to stay on Lowell Street. Continue on Route 110 along the river for about 10 miles. The boathouse will be on your left. 


  • Boathouse: In order to make a u-turn from the parking lot/Dunkin Donuts side of the street, you will need to go to the set of lights at the Rourke Bridge. You can turn around there or continue straight and there will be another opportunity to turn around as you pass the Brunzwick Zone Bowling Alley parking lot.
  • Beach/Bath House: To turn around from the Boathouse/River side of the street, you will need to go down to the Varnum Street intersection where Lowell General Hospital is.



There are multiple places to park:

  • Parking for trailers is permitted along the river on Pawtucket Boulevard. There are a few exceptions:
    • DO NOT park directly in front of the Boathouse
    • Note: If there is not enough room to fit your trailer between the cones and the curb, you are not allowed to park there. DO NOT MOVE cones that were set to guide/merge traffic.
  • Parking is permitted for mutiple trailers in the Boathouse Parking Lot. This can accomodate 3-5 trailers if parked right.
  • Parking is permitted on the grass down river from the Bath House near the Beach Launch Site.
    • If it is raining or expected to rain, Trailers are not allowed on the grass. They must be on the street or in the boathouse parking lot.


  • The Main Parking Lot will be on the grass field diagonally across from the boathouse and next to Dunkin Donuts. 
    • Please Note: There will be a $10 parking fee per day. Please bring cash with you.
  • NO Parking at Dunkin Donuts or the AAA office. You will be towed.
  • NO Parking at the Finish Line Lot.
    • Parking is for Emergency Vehicles and Permitted Regatta Officials only.
  • NO Parking in front of the Boathouse. 
    • Parking is for Emergency Vehicles and Permitted Regatta Officials only.
  • No Parking along Pawtucket Boulevard. 
    • Parking is permitted for Trailers, Emergency Vehicles, and Permitted Regatta Officials only.
  • Designated Handicap Parking will be made available at the Bath House Parking Lot and in front of the Boathouse.