Beat the Beast

  • Feb 2, 2020
  • indoor
  • Vancouver, BC (CAN)
  • Hosted By: St. George's School
  • Sanctioned by RCA and Rowing BC (2019)


Lightweight Weight Classifications

Men 75kg  |  Women  61 kg

Windows for weigh-ins will be a one hour long, starting two hours before their race, and ending one hour before.  Each athlete will have one attempt at weighing in.  Failure to weigh-in will result in being moved to the Open category’s results.

**IMPORTANT:  It is highly suggested that Jr. B lightweight athletes NOT cut weight.  A note will be made and attention will be brought to that athletes coach.  Please ensure your athletes are healthy, happy and naturally lightweight at this age.  

Junior Rowing Age Groups:  Junior A: U19  |  Junior B: U17   |  Junior C: U15 

Junior C:  Age 14 and under to December 31 2019 inclusive.  If you are turning 15 in 2019 you must row Junior B

Junior B: Age 16 and under to December 31 2019 inclusive.  If you are turning 17 in 2019 you must row Junior A

Junior A: Age 18 and under to December 31 2019 inclusive.  If you are turning 19 in 2019 you must row Senior B

Senior B: Age 22 and under to December 31 2019 inclusive.  If you are turning 23 in 2019 you must row Senior

Senior: Open to all ages.  Any athlete may compete in this event. Winning this event precludes winning in any other event.

Para Races: Refer to the Adaptive Rowing Classifications used by Rowing Canada.

Coxswain: Racing / training experience limited to role of coxswain having coxed a rowing race in a sanctioned regatta at least once during the 2019 regatta season.  There are no age or weight restrictions.

Parent / Offspring: Must be legal guardian or biologically related as per categories listed.

Any combination of father/son, mother/son, father/daughter, mother/daughter, or grandparent. (or other fun combos)

Masters rowing age groups: The age of a rower in a masters rowing event shall be that which he/she attains on the day of the event.

Masters rowing events shall be held in the following crew age categories:

Master’s Age Groups

A. Minimum age: 27 years

B. 36 years or more

C. 43 years or more

D. 50 years or more

E. 55 years or more

F. 60 years or more

G. 65 years or more

H. 70 years or more

I. 75 years or more

J. 80 years or more

K. 85 years or more