Mercer Lake/ISA Sculling Championships

  • Hosted By: Princeton National Rowing Association/Mercer
  • 2016 Registered Regatta
Rules and Regulations
Event Rules: Please be sure to read the following event descriptions carefully. The goal of PNRA is to run a regatta that is highly competitive and fair. The hope is that no school will enter a "second eight" without entering a "first eight" and so on, but there will be some latitude given to schools who feel they cannot be competitive in an event and therefore must row in a lower category. Please use your best discretion.
First Eight: The top event for eights. The "Varsity Eight."
Second Eight: No school can enter a second eight without entering a first eight
Frosh/Novice Eight: Rowers in this event must have less than (1) year of rowing experience or be Freshman in their first year of rowing.
Lightweight: There will be no averaging for lightweight events. Boys must weigh no more than 155lbs. and girls must weight no more than 130lbs. There will be no weigh in. Athletes' weights will be on the coach's honor.
Coxswains: There will be no weight restrictions for coxswains and they need not weigh in.
Awards: The top three places in each event will receive awards.  These awards should be picked-up by the crew or the coach at the awards dock after the race has been declared official.
Entry Limits:
The Schedule WILL NOT be changed to accommodate athletes who are doubling up or teams that are hot seating shells. Please plan accordingly.
Each event will be subject to entry limits (the cap for most events is 14 entries) as the regatta has grown maximum capacity.
Each event will close when all lanes are full. The lanes will be drawn on a first come, first serve basis. For questions on individual event entry limits please contact Regatta Director, Sean McCourt at
Athletes can row in no more than two events in the same day.
Athletes may NOT row in events that are scheduled less than one hour from each other.
IF AN EVENT DOES NOT HAVE THREE OR MORE ENTRIES, the event WILL be dropped and you will be notified. Anyone who is part of an event that is dropped will be contacted before the event and you can choose to roll that entry into a higher category (ex= junior double dropped, then junior double rows in varsity category).
IF AN EVENT DOES NOT HAVE MORE THAN 7 entries, it will be rowed as a straight final "B" entries will be mixed with all of the "A" entries and will not be run in separate heats. "B" entries does NOT mean a separate event.