Chicago Sprints

  • Jul 20, 2013 To Jul 21, 2013
  • sprint
  • 1000
  • Chicago, IL (USA)
  • Hosted By: Lincoln Park Boat Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta
Lincoln Park Boat Club boathouse on the Lincoln Park Lagoon, located at: 2341 N Cannon Drive, Chicago IL, 60614 near Fullerton Avenue and Lake Shore Drive. Please visit Google Maps (link below) to get detailed driving directions  

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Trailer Drivers:
Trailers will be permitted access to the regatta site on Friday from 4pm-10pm or may arrive on Saturday or Sunday morning after 6am.  Due to Chicago Park District rules a regatta volunteer must be present when pulling onto the lawn.  No trucks or cars may remain on the grass in the trailer area. Trucks must be detached from their trailer and may be parked either in the Northeast section of the zoo lot (just east of the entrance gate), or outside of the zoo lot entirely if you choose to save money on parking fees.  Some free street parking exists in the neighborhood, but tends to fill early.

Rowing trailers are not allowed on Lake Shore Drive.  Bridge heights in the area can be low, so be sure to plan your route before exiting the highway.  

Trailers should enter & exit the parking gates on the far left side, look for signs that point to the gate for trailers/trucks.  The gate stays open longer and will not come down on your boats.

All trailers are to enter and exit at the left most gates at the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Both of the left most gates at the entrance and exit are for oversized vehicles.  You will damage trailered boats and the exit tollbooth roofs if you do not use the left most gate.

If you are coming from South of Chicago
, exit at Division or Fullerton.  Right turns from North Ave. from the highway are VERY DIFFICULT and should be avoided from the South. 

If you are coming from North of Chicago, exit at Fullerton. 

A security guard will be provided overnight for both Friday and Saturday nights to keep an eye on boats and trailers, however neither the regatta, its sponsors nor the Chicago Park District can be responsible for damage to property left in or around the Boat House area/lawn.  Please do not leave any loose items out like tool boxes, cox boxes etc.


Pay parking is run through the Lincoln Park Zoo and tends to fill up early on the weekends. Link to zoo parking information.  Metered city street parking is available throughout the area as well.  Trailers can be parked on the grass, trucks must be unhooked and parked off the grass. All trailers will need the wheels to be on plywood and not directly on the grass per the Park District.  LPBC will provide these supplies upon arrival.