Head Up the Creek

  • Hosted By: False Creek Rowing Club

Rowing Canada Aviron's Rules of Racing will apply to this event, except that there will be no weigh-ins for coxswains or rowers.

Competitors not rounding major course buoys may be disqualified. Competitors not rounding minor course buoys will not receive penalties, but they will have chosen a really bad course and will pay for it in time it takes to finish the race.

Comportment is critical: we are trying to create a new home for rowing in False Creek. Swearing, cussing and inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated. Running into ferries and dragon boats will result in disqualification.

The determination of the overall winner will be based on a locally administered system. Competitors times will be compared to predicted times that take into account the following variables: age, gender, boat type, para-rower or not. The predictive time is based on the fastest results from the Head Of The Charles regatta using these variables in an attempt to level the playing field for competitors of different ages and genders in different boat types. It will not be directly calculatable from the handicapping method outlined in the RCA Rules of Racing. Also note that determinations of predicted times do not take into account items such as tide, obstacles or weather conditions.

All competitors must be members of Rowing Canada Aviron or US Rowing.

All competitors are encouraged to wear their club uniform and paint their blades with their club colours. Failure to do so may jeopardize our ability to identify you and your placement during the event.

This Regatta follows the Rowing Canada Aviron Rules of Racing, with an exemption for the following rules:
2.1 rowers may compete on behalf of more than one club at the regatta.
2.6 & 2.10 there will be no weigh-in for coxswains and no lightweight competitor categories.
2.7 national team members are not excluded.
2.7 national training centres are not recognized as rowing clubs for the purposes of this regatta.
3.9.7 eyewear for visually impaired rowers is not required.
6.2 uniform requirements refer only to shirts for this regatta.
7.6 substitutions may include any member of the crew, but the average age of the crew may not be reduced.
8.8 & 8.10 boat/ferry wash, floating objects and weather/tidal conditions will not be recognized as creating fair or unfair conditions.

The Rowing Canada Aviron Rules of Racing are here: