Dogwood Junior Championship

  • Apr 30, 2016 To May 1, 2016
  • sprint
  • Melton Lake
  • Oak Ridge, TN (USA)
  • Hosted By Oak Ridge Rowing Association
  • USRowing Registered

ORRA is pleased to announce the Dogwood Junior Championship Regatta

The Dogwood Junior Championship will use a coach and athlete-focused schedule for teams planning to compete in multiple Nationals events.

ORRA has worked with the Southern States Youth Rowing League to develop the schedule of events.

A few important notes:

1. Questions about the events ot schedule can be addressed to Eric Gehrke at

2. We have set the lineups to "Deferred" so that coaches may make entries without specifying lineups until the deadline.  We encourage coaches to make entries as soon as possibe, so that we may develop the race schedule.

3. Rules and Eligibility clarify the defnition of Novice athletes. That clarification is excerpted here -

Novice Events: A Novice shall be defined as any athlete who started competing after May 1st of the previous year. Conversely, any athlete that competed in any rowing discipline (sculling, sweeping) on or before May 1st of last year is not eligible as a Novice in any rowing discipline. A rower who has previously competed only as a coxswain can compete as a novice rower. A coxswain who has previously competed only as a rower can compete as a novice coxswain. Novice coxswains must be used in novice events.

4. Additional Rules and Eligibility Clarification:

In Nationals events where "2nd races are offered, only a top boat is allowed to be entered in the first race.  If a "2nd" race is not offered, 2nd , 3rd etc. entries are allowed in the first race. Nationals events at Dogwood that do not have a "2nd" race provided and therefore allow B-entries are the 2- and Lightweight. Dogwood is used as a way to help rank Southeast Regional crews for our USRowing district qualifier and we want to let Dogwood help clarify those rankings. 


The order of events is published on the Heat Sheet page:

Team Tents

A limited number of team tents--10 X 10 with sides--are available for rental for $100.00.  If you want to rent one of these tents, include it when you register your team.