Head of the Androscoggin

  • Hosted By: Maine Rowing Association

The 'Scog first ran in 1986, first as an event for Alden recreational rowing shells, back when the Bates College rowing program was a club.  In time the event opened up to racing shells as well, and has run continuously since, except in 1989 when Hurricane Hugo cancelled the event (although the storm failed to materialize, so even thought The Scog did not come to pass, the Bates and Bowdoin and Colby teams showed up had a race of their own).

At the Eighth Annual Head of the ‘Scog on September 25, 1993, plans were made to form what would become the Maine Rowing Association, which in 1994 was incorporated to facilitate and promote friendly competition at several Maine sites each year.

Once crew became a varsity sport at Bates, the staff become even more instrumental in hosting the event, providing students as timers and spotters, even sending some out in boats to monitor the race and provide safety backup.  Scog rowers have enjoyed the opportunity to meet current rowers, and to demonstrate that rowing is a sport that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.  Proceeds from the event are donated to the Bates rowing program.