Row for the Cure - Seattle

  • Hosted By: Pocock Rowing Center
  • 2017 Registered Regatta

One of Puget Sound's first fall head races -- 5.8 kilometers (5800 meters)

Rowers, Paddlers Dragon Boaters start in Lake Washington Ship Canal near Seattle Pacific University
boat dock (end of 3rd Ave W off W. Nickerson St.), follow shoreline to south Lake Union, make a
long sweeping turn around the permanent red buoy and head north toward the yellow speed buoys. FINISH LINE: College Club Seattle boathouse.

Launching begins at 6:40 a.m.

Racing starts at 7:30 a.m.

LAUNCHING & TRAILERS  (Downloadable Regatta Packet)

Launch/trailer sites: There are two official launch sites for the Seattle Row for the Cure.

There is trailer parking at both sites. Please contact the registrar by Wednesday, September 13, 2017 if you are bringing a trailer. We will assign you a parking spot at one of the sites.

Paddlers launch from the public boat launch at 2301 NE Northlake Way, (east of Gas Works Park).

Parking is limited.  Please carpool, walk or ride a bicycle!

NOTE:  No visiting clubs/rowers to launch from Seattle Rowing Center.  

FREE BUS TRANSPORTATION: Shuttle Express has donated vans and drivers to our event. They will provide van shuttles between 7 am-12 pm. The vans will transport people from the three launch sites of Lake Washington Rowing Club, College Club, and Pocock Rowing Center and Gas Works Park between 7-12 pm. 


Pocock Rowing Center

Launching: Pull away from the dock with caution and follow the north shore of Lake Union, around Gas Works Park, past Lake Washington Rowing Club to the Fremont Bridge. Then enter the warm-up pattern described in the next section.

Return: Wait under the I-5 Bridge to be called into the dock.

Lake Washington Rowing Club

Launching: Pull away from the dock with caution and row towards the Fremont bridge. Then enter the warm-up pattern described in the next section.

Return: Clear the finish line and cut across towards Gas Works Park.  Follow the shore back to LWRC.

Lake Union Crew

If the race is in progress, wait for permission from the officials’ launch to cross the course.

Please return bow numbers to the Pocock Rowing Center or the dock masters at the official launch sites.


  • Crews come up hugging the north shore of the ship canal.
  • The warm-up pattern runs counter-clockwise around the buoys.
  • All crews must go around the buoy on the east side, of the Ballard bridge
  • Crews must be at the staging area 4 minutes before their start time.
  • Crews should line up in order of bow number. Take care not to block the warm-up pattern.
  • A course marshal will call crews in pairs in order out of the staging area.
  • Cox’ns and scullers must keep 15 seconds between boats.
  • A second course marshal will instruct your boat to proceed and then to increase the pressure 100m before the start.


To enter the warm-up pattern at the start, hug the north shore of Lake Union. Be mindful of other crews in the ship canal. It is narrow so hug the shore.

Passing IS allowed on the race course in the ship canal.


10 seconds

  • Late to the start
  • No bow number
  • No bib number

30 seconds

  • Failure to yield

60 seconds

  • Interference with another crew
  • Each missed buoy


First Aid:  Should there be a need for First Aid, please report to Regatta headquarters at the Pocock Rowing Center or dock masters at official launch sites.

Bow Balls:  Each rowing shell must have an intact bow ball, bow clip and heel ties where applicable.

Regatta Safety Plan: Download a copy of the RFTC Safety Plan for your own reference.